Unlocking Europe’s Hidden Capital Markets (Brussels, 06 November 2019)

In the new institutional cycle, it is important to avoid the CMU becoming another legislative scoreboard. A long-term vision as well as strengthened enforcement is crucial. Last year’s annual conference focused on equity markets. This year’s edition will bring together policymakers, industry representatives and academics in order to exchange views on the outlook for financial and economic conditions, the functioning of sovereign and corporate debt securities markets as well as sustainability in the insurance sector.


Opening Remarks by Chairman of ECMI Board ∞ In conversation with: How to make CMU a reality? ∞ Panel debate: Delivering integration through a European safe asset ∞ Panel debate: Re-shaping corporate debt markets in Europe ∞ In conversation with: Where next for sustainable insurance? ∞ 2019 ECMI Best Paper: Presentation & Award Ceremony ∞ Closing Remarks by General Manager of ECMI