Restoring Investor Confidence in European Capital Markets

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The financial crisis has had a severe impact on European financial markets. Institutional and retail investors have suffered losses and, most notably, a diffused loss of confidence in the efficient functioning of the market. In its attempt to set out steps to restore investor confidence in European capital markets, the European Investors’ Working Group, organised by ECMI in partnership with the CFA Institute Centre for Financial Market Integrity, has recently launched its final report in Brussels with the European institutions. The Group is an independent non-political investor group composed of members from the retail and institutional investment industry community. The final report provides a framework of 46 recommendations for the EU regulatory and supervisory agenda from the investor’s perspective, guided by the six objectives of: investor protection; better transparency; market integrity; market efficiency, quality of supervision and competitiveness of EU markets.

Disclaimer: Task Force members participated as individuals; the report reflects their own views and not those of organisations with which they are affiliated. The report is approved and supported by all Group members. However, members may not necessarily agree on all the detailed issues. For more information on the Task Force, follow the link: European Investors' Working Group